Roof Anchor Flashing

Roof Anchor Flashing w/EPDM TOP 1" - 5" width grommet w/MJ Clamps

  • SKU: P-RAF500
  • BOX QTY: 5


  • RAF5OO - 1"-5" Roof Anchor Flashing with EPDM top and with Spun Alum base. Includes 5 MJ clamps for roof anchors from 1" diameter through 5". Seamless base is 1.8 mm material thickness high grade aluminum, 8" in height plus EPDM cap with 16" diameter base. Designed for roof anchors on all roofing systems except inverted roofs.
  • Ideal for either retrofit or new construction applications providing a watertight seal with varying sizes of roof anchors from 1", 2", 3" 4" or 5" diameters.
  • Custom spun ridge on aluminum base provides a tight overlapping seal with EPDM boot over spun aluminum base.
  • EPDM/PP boot designed for temperature ranges of -50C and long life expectancy.

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"At last a quality maintenance-free product at an affordable price. Kiss the pitch pans good-bye."

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