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4" Drain Seal

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  • Platinum drain seals are manufactured with durable nylon and rubber and can be compressed to form a secure seal between roof drain stems and existing plumbing drains
  • The flexible rubber is expanded by tightening internal stainless steel screws thereby stopping water leakage at the connection in the event of water backup in the drain
  • Available in sizes 3", 4", 5" and 6"
  • Are an ideal fit with all Platinum Retro-fit Copper drains
  • Manufactured with highest quality materials and exact tolerances
  • Easy to install and a watertight connection

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What our Customers have to say

"I've heard your jingle ... Platinum has no equal. When it comes to quality and price, you are absolutely right. You can tell the first time you install these seals that they are a premium brand at an unbeatable price."

Peter Thomas, Thomas Roofing

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